What’s new around camp this holiday season!

Chippy is anxiously awaiting all of you to return to camp this holiday season! She did not anticipate everyone being gone for so long due to the coronavirus, so she is so excited to have you back soon. Here are some of the things Chippy noticed since the last time she updated you in spring.

Highlights at Camp Honi Hanta

Council staff organized the following:

  • Key Builders installed new bathhouse doors at Eagles Perch so they can be locked for additional safety.
  • Our handyman, Tom, painted all the interior doors in the lodge so everything looks fresh as you walk in and out.
  • Some camp signs were repainted and installed.
  • The pool company was able to fix some major leaks, so we should not see as much reduction in the water level as we have had in the past.
  • Shell has now replaced all the pine park mulch in the pool area landscape beds so the area will stay much cleaner.

Adult volunteers and staff assisted with the following:

  • The boat ramp was pressure washed and treated.
  • A small window unit air conditioner was installed in the lodge kitchen to help keep that area cooler during service unit encampments.
  • The rickety ramp to the Armadillo Cabin #3 was demolished.
  • Archery and kayak/canoe program area equipment was inspected and repaired.

Troop/service unit members worked on the following projects:

  • A fun and playful mural entitled “SPLASH ZONE,” was designed and painted by artist Amber Hill, one of our volunteer leaders of troop 7.

Highlights at Camp Caloosa

Our Girl Scout dad, Jason, was busy mowing camp regularly to keep the trails cleared every month. Plus, he was able to complete the following:

  • Installed a new railing by the lake edge where the old pier was taken out
  • Installed a rope swing near the rain forest on the north side of the property
  • Repaired the front access gate
  • Installed a partitioned area of the Equipment Depot for low ropes equipment
  • Painted the stairs to the Chalet

Adult volunteers and staff assisted with the following:

  • Organizing the portable low ropes equipment in the secured area of the Equipment Depot and providing directions for use. Only leaders who have been certified/trained for this skill will have access to this area. 
  • Both floors of the bathhouses were cleaned and freshly painted.

Don’t forget—there’s a Honi Hanta Hero and a Caloosa Champion patch that girls can earn for doing a service project at each respective camp! We have painting projects, cleaning projects, signage projects, trimming trails, and much more. There’s always something to do to improve camp and leave it better than we found it.

Camp Reminders

  • VERIFICATION OF OUTDOOR SKILLS TRAINING – We are now verifying certifications when a reservation in our system takes place to ensure your troop/service unit will be meeting all the requirements of your desired camp out.
  • If you borrow a piece of equipment from another campsite while you are at camp, please return it to its original location so all of our equipment can be accounted for.
  • You must have authorization to visit any of our camps while NOT during a reservation. Please make sure you are calling to get approval to be on site so we can inform our volunteer caretakers that you will be visiting the property.
  • You are responsible to adhere to all new COVID-19 guidelines and requirements during camp activities.
  • You must leave a Camp Check Out form in the mailbox by the camp front gate. We need this to ensure all of the Kapers are completed to leave the camp better than you found it, but more importantly to find out if there are any repairs that are needed. You should print a form BEFORE you come to camp, but if you forget, there are typically forms by the mailboxes just in case you need an extra.

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