I Can’t Wait to… Invite-a-Friend to Volunteer!

What could make volunteering with Girl Scouts even more fun? Volunteering with a friend and getting rewarded for inviting them! We are so excited to announce that during the month of November, our Council is participating in the GSUSA promotion, “I Can’t Wait To… Invite-a-Friend”.

All current volunteers who Invite-a-Friend to start a new K-5th grade troop will receive a $50 gift code for the GSUSA online store, AND the new Troop Leader will receive free program materials! But besides the $50 discount code and free program materials, the GREATEST BENEFIT  is the additional girls who will become part of Girl Scouting! In order for us to continue to reach every girl we need to reach more volunteers, like you, who can help!

ICWT-Vol-SM-1Picture your favorite Girl Scout memory…maybe when one of your Girl Scout Daisies realized that swimming wasn’t so scary…or the moment that your Girl Scout Cadette found her voice and stood up to bullying…or maybe when you realized that without YOU, those moments may not have happened. Don’t you want to invite a friend so that more girls can have wonderful memories?

So take some time to think of someone who would be an EXCELLENT Girl Scout Leader/role model and invite them to join you and be a part of the Girl Scout Community – church members, school volunteers, family, and friends. Tell them about the huge impact they could have on girls in the community and the wonderful experiences they’ll enjoy as Girl Scout Troop Leaders.

So, share your experience, recruit a friend, and get rewards!

Promotion runs November 1 – December 1, 2014. After you have referred a friend, fill out this form girlscouts.org/inviteafriend. Questions? Contact Yvonne Bras (800) 232-4475 or yvonneb@gsgcf.org.




PROMOTION PERIOD – The Invite-A-Friend promotion is valid between November 1, 2014 and December 1, 2014. Girl Scouts of Gulfcoast Florida, Inc. will confirm that a new troop has been started by the recruited volunteer.

ONLINE SHOP COUPON CODES – Each unique coupon code has a value of $50.00 and is a onetime use only code. Once the purchase is in your shopping cart, you can apply the code at checkout to deduct $50.00 from the product purchase prior to shipping and applicable taxes. Coupon codes expire February 28, 2015. Only one coupon code can be used per order and cannot be combined with any other coupon offers that may be running on the Girl Scouts’ Official Online Store at that time.

VOLUNTEER RESOURCE PACKS- Your recruited friend will receive 1 coupon code to purchase a Volunteer Resource Pack of their choice.

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