8 Points Troop 150 Wants to Share about Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary

header photo.PNG

  1. Troop 150 has a special love for animals.
  2. They believe in the mission of Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary, which cares for retired zoo animals, abused wildlife, and other animals that cannot survive alone in the wild.
  3. Troop 150 chose to support Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary in Punta Gorda for their 2019 Take Action project.
  4. As a surprise to the Octagon staff, the girls spent $150 of their cookie program proceeds to purchase a Home Depot gift card, shovel, rake, and yard sprayer to help take care of the animals.
  5. Each one of the girls in Troop 150 shared information with their individual classrooms, urging others to visit and support the organization.
  6. Subsequently, one classroom researched all of the animals at Octagon, presented their research to their parents, and raised an additional $100 to donate to the cause!
  7. Troop 150 urges everyone to visit Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary and see the good work done there.
  8. The girls of Troop 150 filmed a video to spread the word about Octagon and why it’s so important to them.

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