Fort Myers Girl Scouts Branch Out for a Good Cause

61410909_10213204889667904_7486061957510856704_n.jpgGirl Scouts of Troop 226 led the way for OneTree’s inaugural tree planting at Lakes Park in Fort Myers on Friday, May 31. Using hard-earned cookie program proceeds, local troops purchased native trees at $17 a pop, flowering Florida-friendly trees for $25 each, and heirloom trees at $140 a piece for their community project, and were on site planting, digging, mulching, and watering.

Header Image.jpgSixty-seven native and flowering trees, including African Tulips and Queens Crape Myrtle, can now be seen near the botanical gardens at Lakes Park. Twenty years from now, guests who walk this path will see a gorgeous horizon of flowering trees. Girls even painted and tucked away rocks in the mulch to surprise park-goers.


Special shout-out to Troops 226, 746, 292, 195, 709, 153, 673, 245, 463, 462, 468, 768, 124, and 654 for sponsoring and planting trees at this special event. All the trees have been tagged with the tree’s scientific and common name, and sponsoring troop number. Each girl will receive a certificate and the GPS coordinates of their tree so they can come back years from now and always know which tree is theirs.


“Planting trees made me feel happy because I knew I was giving back to my community and the planet.” Haley V., Age 7, Fort Myers

“I feel happy that girls can have a big idea about helping the earth, but don’t have to wait until they get big to do it.”  Audrey R., Age 7,  Fort Myers

Alongside OneTree, these girls are truly leaving a legacy for future generations and creating a healthier planet for everyone. In an effort to fight deforestation and urban sprawl, OneTree has made it their mission to try and replace as many trees as humanly possible. This is a perfect match because Girl Scouts have made it their mission to make the world a better place.

Check out OneTree reporting live before and after the event.


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