Media Marvels Make Moves at Young Women of Distinction

las0377-e1559908988992.jpgDid you notice girls zooming around Young Women of Distinction in lime green shirts? If so, you spotted a Media Marvel! What are Media Marvels, you ask?

Media Marvels is a program series offered to Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors who have an interest in broadcast, print, or digital media and want hands-on learning experiences. Media Marvels have exclusive access to external media opportunities, such as appearances on television and radio, magazine photoshoots, and interviews with newspaper journalists as well as workshops to learn what it’s like to be behind the camera, write news stories, and capture professional photos.

On Sunday, May 19, Media Marvels were deployed to interview their sister Girl Scouts at two prime locations. One interview station featured Media Marvels Allison C. on the microphone and Faith H. behind the camera. They brought girls and volunteers on stage to answer questions about their Girl Scout experiences in front of a massive Media Marvels backdrop.

The second interview station, called the Gold Award Meet & Greet, highlighted the hard work and incredible projects of our 2019 Gold Award Girl Scouts. Here you could find Media Marvels Brittanie W. videotaping, and talk-show host Pepper R. asking thought-provoking questions.

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Some other Media Marvels featured on stage were Gabriella S., one of our three emcees, and two of our Gold Award Girl Scouts, Madison C. and Emily M.

Group Shot

Interested in being a part of the Media Marvels program? We always look forward to growing the program and now is the best time to join! We have two events coming up that are exclusive to current Media Marvels and those interested in joining the program. Girls must agree to a minimum one-year participation commitment. For questions, please email

Media Marvels Safari Photography Workshop: Thursday, June 20 @ Camp Caloosa from 1:00-4:00 p.m.

Media Marvels Portrait and Object Photography Workshop: Friday, July 19 @ Gulfcoast Event and Conference Center from 1:00-4:00 p.m.

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