Junior Sales Specialist Blossoms

By Emma Arrigo, Troop 408

FB_IMG_1491265627926My name is Emma Arrigo, of Troop 408, and I am a Junior Sales Specialist (JSS). I’ve come a long way since I began the JSS Program three years ago. My first day as a JSS was scary. I was so shy; I wouldn’t even talk to my boss, Ms. Cathy. Being a part of the JSS Program has made me more confident about myself. For example, I applied to a school and joined a lacrosse team, even though I didn’t know anyone else!

I’ve learned so much from the program. Stocking floors, pricing items, helping customers, using the cash register, and training other new JSS members are all real-life skills I can put on my resume one day. Recently, I got to train Ms. Jessica, which is a big deal because she is the new Sales Coordinator for Girl Scouts of Gulfcoast Florida. On my first day on the job, I went to work at a traveling shop. Traveling shops are fun; it’s like packing up the whole store and going out of the city!

While the JSS Program is a job, you don’t get paid real money. Instead, you get paid with parties, pizza, donuts, prizes, other goodies, and retail job experience. My favorite party Ms. Cathy throws for us is the Christmas Party; it is all you could dream about!


Our busiest sale day of the year is Super Saturday, which is the last day to spend Cookie Dough. You can imagine why it gets so busy! Although it is busy, it is a very fun and rewarding day to work. I love working at the Girl Scout Shop as a Junior Sales Specialist and you would, too! You can apply today on the Girl Scout website: http://www.gsgcf.org/en/about-girl-scouts/our-council/shop/junior-sales-specialist.html.

This is what Emma’s mom, Amy Arrigo, has to say about Emma’s Junior Sales Specialist experience:

“I can’t say enough good about the JSS program. I watched a shy, self-doubting young girl turn into an outspoken, not-afraid-to-ask-questions, self-confident young woman. Emma’s math skills improved during her time working in the shop, and she is more prone to troubleshoot things, rather than give up or walk away. I would recommend the program to all girls, who truly want to learn new [skills], and how things work in the ‘real world.’ They are learning life skills that they will use the rest of their lives. This is such an amazing opportunity!”

Cathy Brown, Shop Manager, shared an anecdote about Emma’s willingness to take the reins when it came to training Ms. Jessica:

“Emma was working in the shop during Jessica’s first few days as a new staff member.  Emma came up and asked me if she could train Ms. Jessica on the register as she ‘wanted to ensure she was trained and knows everything I know.’ I agreed and the two worked together the entire shift. A week later, we were in the midst of inventory and Emma came in to assist us. We were creating teams so there was a counter and a verifier for each area that was inventoried. Emma, again, came to me and asked if she could be teamed up with Ms. Jessica as ‘I have helped with inventory before and I want to make sure Ms. Jessica learns what I know.’ Emma truly exemplifies what our organization is all about. Emma shows courage, confidence, and character, and truly makes the world (and our Girl Scout Shop) a better place!”

2 comments on “Junior Sales Specialist Blossoms

  1. Bumpy hair gramma says:

    So proud of Emma


  2. mcwflint says:

    This sounds like a great program for girls. I love how willing Emma is willing to share what she learned.


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