The Story Behind the Dress

By Jaime Estes

Group Photo

Little Black Dress: Salute the Runway was this summer’s hottest event, but it was so much more than just a fashion show. In the months leading up to the big day, Girl Scouts (who are part of the Media Marvel* program) and local US women veterans joined forces. Together, they conquered the low ropes course and sharpened their archery skills at Girl Scout Camp Honi Hanta. They also interviewed one another and learned that although they may walk different lives, Girl Scouts and veterans may not be so different.


Ropes Course

Veterans and Girl Scouts both wear their uniforms proudly, work toward achievements, overcome obstacles, and collaborate with their team. Not to mention, they’re both in troops! Kari K. of troop 592 participated in the series from beginning to end and had this to say after the day at camp with the veterans: “We are learning teamwork and leadership building, and it is so much fun being with [the veterans] and hearing their stories. It’s inspiring.”

Allison C. and Delane

But it wasn’t just the veterans inspiring the girls.  As each veteran had the opportunity to be interviewed by a Media Marvel one-on-one, they consistently sang their praises and were genuinely impressed by the girls’ confidence, curiosity, and energy. When given the right tools, Girl Scouts time and time again prove that the future of our country is in quite capable hands.



In true Media Marvel fashion (no pun intended), the ten Girl Scouts at Little Black Dress: Salute the Runway stole the show. While the veterans may have been the ones strutting down the runway (in their Goodwill-inspired fashions, our partner throughout the series), the crowd’s focus was definitely on the girls. Between their stage presence, public speaking skills, press interviews, photo shoots, and overall etiquette, guests couldn’t help but notice these girls are not your ordinary girls – they are Girl Scouts.

121328_standard        CJ and Emily       Natasha and Kaila

So as you can see, this event was so much bigger than just a fashion show. Girls are learning the significance of patriotism, veterans are being inspired by our next generation of leaders, and the community is understanding that when we work together, the possibilities are endless.

*Media Marvels is a program series for Girl Scouts in grades 6-10. If you are interested in learning more or would like to attend the next Media Marvel program, please email

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  1. Sue Stewart says:

    Great job Girl Scouts!


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