Bully Busters to the rescue, for National Bullying Prevention Month!

Contributing bloggers are Cadettes, Karna, Hannah and Maylene of Troop 643 in Venice. Girls were awarded their Silver Award in 2014 for their project “Bully Busters.” October is National Bullying Prevention Month.  

“If every Girl Scout in the world lived by the Girl Scout Law, kindness would spread, and bullying would not stand a chance!”

Bully BustersWe are Cadette Girl Scouts from Troop 643 in Venice. Last year, for our Bronze award project, we created a workshop called Bully Busters. We went to younger Girl Scout troops and taught them about the importance of being kind to others. We read a book called Have You Filled a Bucket Today?, by Cheryl McCloud. This book helped us teach the younger girls about being a kind, “bucket filler”, instead of a bully or “bucket dipper”. We also played games with the girls. The games demonstrated how we feel when someone says mean things to us and how we feel when someone is nice.

Many parts of the Girl Scout Law are values that help us to stop bullying. All Girl Scouts can take a stand against bullying if they try their hardest to be Friendly and Helpful, Considerate and Caring, and Responsible for What we Say Do! There are also many Journey books that teach the values needed to combat bullying. For example, as Cadettes, we are now working on our Amaze Journey. We are learning about stereotypes, cliques, and friendships.

Other Girl Scouts and their troops can help combat bullying by always remembering the Girl Scout Law. If every Girl Scout in the world lived by the Girl Scout Law, kindness would spread, and bullying would not stand a chance!

We hope that our Bully Busters workshop helped the younger Girl Scouts with the skills needed to understand bullying and to take a stand against it! If we all work together we CAN make the World a better place! Here are a few links that we used to prepare our Bully Busters workshop: www.bucketfillers101.com and www.stopbullying.gov

~The Bully Busters, Karina, Hannah and Maylene

Girl Scouts of United States of America also offers the BFF: Be A Friend First program.

Check out these amazing videos of Girl Scouts talking about bullying>>

Take the Be a Friend First pledge! By sharing this photo, you’re pledging to do your part to end bullying everywhere. #StopBullying #BFF#NationalBullyingPreventionMonth


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