It’s not too late to “Dive in!” to the Fall Product Sale!

DiveIn type

What is the Fall Product Sale? The Fall Product Sale is a friends-and-family sale that helps your troop earn start-up money, but also helps support the Girl Scout Council. Learn more here

Top Reasons to participate:

Skills: Girls will practice five skills to running a business: (1) goal setting, (2) decision-making, (3) money management, (4) people skills, (5) business ethics

Rewards: Girls will earn awesome rewards such as patches, stationery, iPod Nano, or shop points to buy what they wish in our Council shop!

Troop proceeds: Troops earn 10% of orders! Great starter funds for new troops or additional money to help you get to that special trip!

More options: customers can now order all magazines, candy, and nuts all online and there is a new offering: photos keepsakes, such as photo books and calendars! There are also 30 nut/candy offerings online!21_70078

So, are you ready to Dive In? Contact your Service Unit Fall Product Sales Coordinator or Alicia Rance at to get started today!

Is your troop already participating? Check out these troop tips to improve your sale:trooptotroop14A
– Ask your customers if they want to participate in “troop to troop” donation of $5 and products will be sent to active military personal. Girls who sell 3+ troop to troop will get a special patch
– Address booklets with the names and address of 9 people will get you $2 per address booklet!
– We have great girl business cards here
– Ask dentists, doctors, mechanics, and other offices with waiting rooms if they want to renew magazines subscriptions with Girl Scouts
– All items are PERFECT holiday gifts!

Sale ends October 16th. See all details on our website or contact Alicia Rance at to get started now.

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