Girl Scouts showed me that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to

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Guest blogger is Samantha Wood, a recent high school graduate from Sarasota Military Academy and recent Gold Award recipient. Samantha is off to UNF to start her college adventure.

I started my Girl Scout career as a Daisy Girl Scout when I was 5 years old. I continued from Daisy’s all the way to Ambassador Girl Scouts and most recently my Gold award. Being in Girl Scouts and having stayed with it, basically my entire life has to be one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Girl Scouting has given me the opportunity to do things that have been life changing for me. I’ve gone ice climbing up frozen waterfalls in New Hampshire, I’ve gone rock climbing up 300ft mountain faces, I’ve gone to Alaska and trekked on a glaciers, and I am scuba certified. Along with these amazing activities, I have spent a lot of time doing community service which I feel is very important. I have learned that even though I am only one person, I can still make a difference and still help others. The Girl Scout Promise and Law of “help other people” and “make the world a better place” aren’t just slogans for me… It’s my life’s direction.

SamWood Not only has Girl Scouts made it possible to experience so many amazing things, and to test my limits and step out of my comfort zones, but it also taught me that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. Scouting has helped to build my confidence in trying new adventures and teaching me to never accept good enough. Staying active in Girl Scouts is a great way to make lifelong friends, help others, and experience new things.

During my 13 years in Girl Scouts, I have gained some of my best friends, my fellow troop members. I know that the girls that are in my troop will be life-long friends. They are amazing women and I am fortunate to have been in a Girl Scout troop with them and thankful I got to know them. They are friends forever!

Joining Girl Scouts and sticking with it has been oneof the best decisions that I have made and wouldn’t trade for anything; it is one that I would highly recommend to anyone.

Join, participate, stay with it, and do great things!!!!


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